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[Clearance] 18650 Battery Wrappers 5pcs

Those wrapper are designed for 18650 battery, to Protect the safety of the battery and extend the life of the battery
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5pcs 18650 Battery Wrapper
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Those wrapper are designed for 18650 battery, Like LG MH1, LG HB6 , Samsung ICR18650-26F, Samsung INR18650 batteries and more battery you can clickhere .
We've all had a battery wrap tear on one of our 18650's. Some of us continue to use them like that, which is incredibly unsafe. Others fix it with electrical tape, or just toss them in the bin. Well, now you can save all those unsafe batteries that have compromised wraps With DB's high quality designed and unique wraps.!

We highly recommend that you use a hairdryer when applying the new wrap. The old wrap MUST be removed first! Also, don’t lose the top plastic ring of your battery, it comes off with the old wrap.
Damaged batteries can be dangerous, nicks and tears in the sleeves can cause direct shorts lead to battery venting and even fires. This solution is not only cheap its effective and very easy to apply.

Unit: 5pcs
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18650 Battery Wrappers

Why are 18650 batteries wrapped?
A lot of times we get people asking why the body of 18650 batteries are wrapped. Well, if you ever wondered, you are in luck today.

The reason 18650 batteries are wrapped is that the length of the battery is majorly a negative terminal. If they were not covered, the battery can easily short circuit with the positive terminal or other metals coming in contact, and that can make them to either vent and/or explode.

In general, the plastic wrap or cover over the battery tends to protect the battery from all forms of contact with the metal and other metals. This is vital for the safety of the battery user and usage, and those around.

If you notice a break or damage to your 18650-battery wrap, this is a sign that you have to replace or rewrap the battery. Without this wrapping on the batteries, there can be serious damages and even an explosion.

Rewrapping your 18650-batteries involves the complete removal of the previous wrap. Cut the new battery shrink wrap exactly to the size of your battery, before wrapping. But then, you may get some pre-cut wraps from the local store. Using those makes the job a lot easier.

How do you rewrap 18650 batteries?

The rewrapping your 18650 batteries is going to be done at your own risk. However, in this section, we will show you the steps to take to rewrap your battery. This tutorial involves the use of a lighter:

1.First step

This stage has to do with getting the required tools that are needed to get the job done. They include the following;

A.A lighter

B.Calipers or ruler (you must take special care if they are made of metal so that the case of a battery short circuit will not occur.)


D.Scissors or Hobby knife

E.18650 battery

F.Paper rings (For paper rings, you may only use them if the previous one is damaged.)

2.Second step

This second step has to do with the cutting of the wrap. If flat, it measures 30 mm wide, and in terms of the inner diameter, it's only a few millimeters wider than the 181650. And, that is only about 18.5 mm. It's also thin, which means that it will easily fit in things, such as a flashlight.

You may cut the wrap to be 3mm longer than each side, so it is about 71mm or 72mm. As for the 18650 batteries, they are a little longer, albeit not 65 mm. They can be between 67 and 68 mm, so you can add about 6 mm to your measurements.

You will be using the ruler to measure the 72 mm and then cut with scissors or a hobby knife. Also, you may model your cutting after some template. This enables you to cut each wrap and not always measure 72 mm

If, by any chance, the wrap gets damaged, you will have to get a new one. So, you have to be careful.

3.Third Step

In this third step, you will be removing the old wrap. If you are removing the previous wrap, you'd be cutting on the negative terminal. This has to be done, because if you cut on the positive, the battery may be short.

If the previous wrap is already damaged, you may need to remove it with your fingers. Take care not to damage or even puncture the outer casing. If a protection circuit is present, there will be a flat metal piece going directly to the battery top.

However, you do not have to touch or bend that metal at all. Touching the metal is very dangerous, and if you remove the insulation, the battery will be short-circuited. If the wrap isn't damaged yet, it can be left.

The only reason the paper ring should be removed is if it is damaged or if it falls off. Otherwise, do not by yourself, lose or remove the paper rings, as they protect the battery against a short circuit of the positive and negative terminal.

However, you can buy a new one if the present one is misplaced or lost, or you can cut it out from cardboard or thick paper.

4.Fourth Step

After removing the paper ring, it's time to return it to the top of the battery and to place the wrap on top. It would help if you used 3mm to 4mm at each end, although this depends on the amount you have left. It can be tested with an old battery.

As soon as you place the battery wrap and align it successfully, carefully apply heat to the battery from top to bottom with a lighter, and as you're doing so, rotate the battery with it. This will only take a few seconds.

If you leave it for long, the wrap may melt. However, try your best to ensure the battery is not heated for a long time.

Once finished, you can put the sticker or label in place with the original information. Or you can write the necessary information using a marker.

How do you deal with 18650 battery with damaged wrapping?

Over time, the wraps placed on 18650 batteries can become damaged, loosen, or destroyed in any way. In some cases, improper handling of the batteries can cause scratches or some indentations on the wrap, which will prompt a replacement.

Most of the time, however, the battery wraps simply damages over time as the battery ages and begins to peel from the battery either at the top or bottom of the battery, or both. There is little you can do to avoid this from happening.

However, if you try to use a battery with a broken or cracked wrap, you may just be exposing yourself to severe problems at some point soon. Cracks in wraps around the edges of a battery can bring about short-circuiting, explosion, and some other hazards. So it would be best if you fixed it as soon as it occurs, or better still, get a new battery.

The only challenge with getting a new battery is that it can be more expensive than fixing the old one. So, if you are on a budget, you may decide to fix the wrap using the instructions in this article, or you may opt to get a new one. Whichever option you choose, you'd be safer than using a battery with a broken wrap.