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Shipping policy

Distribution Centers and International Shipping

Cigbest currently have 2 warehouses, the first is in Europe (named 'EU-Warehouse'), the second is in Shenzhen Free Trade Zone, China (named 'SZ-Warehouse'). The EU-Warehouse is set up for shipping to European countries, and the SZ-Warehouse can achieve global distribution.

Countries that can be delivered to by EU-Warehouse:
Poland, Austria, France, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Croatia, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, Belgium, Romania, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Monaco, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Malta, Hungary, Cyprus.

Countries that can be delivered to by SZ-Warehouse:
Brazil, Poland, Austria, Taiwan, France, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Slovenia, Australia, Luxembourg, Finland, Sweden, Morocco, Spain, Slovakia, Belgium, Malta, Cyprus, United States, Romania, South Korea , Canada, Japan, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Mexico, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Hungary.

Note: If your country is not in the above list, please contact our customer service by email, we will communicate with our logistics provider to see if we can add routes to your country.

Identify Products From Different Warehouses

Products with [EU Shipping] in front of the title are shipped from the EU-Warehouse, otherwise they will be shipped from the SZ-Warehouse.

Delivery Time

From EU-Warehouse to European countries, it usually takes 3-7 days.
From SZ-Warehouse to countries around the world, it usually takes 7-15 days.

Note: Generally, the closer the delivery place is to the delivery warehouse, the shorter the delivery time. At the same time, if your location is not in a large or medium city, but in a remote area, the delivery time will also be longer.

Shipping Fee

The freight calculation method of products in different warehouses will be different, and it will be automatically calculated when check out.

The freight  for EU-Warehouse shipment consists of the first weight fee and the subsequent weight fee, and 1KG is one-weight-unit. Shipping from EU-Warehouse is not weight sensitive, which means that the shipping fee for buying 1 product and buying several products is likely to be the same.

The freight for SZ-Warehouse shipment consists of registration fee and weight fee, 10G is one-weight-unit. The SZ-Warehouse is weight sensitive, which means that the more products and the heavier the product, the higher the shipping cost.

Logistics Provider Selection

For each destination country, we have set up 1 to 3 logistics providers for customers to choose. Different suppliers have different shipping speeds and different shipping fees.

Order Split Shipping Rules

In the following cases, the order will be split to ship:

1) An order contains products from multiple warehouses, and the shipping charges for products from different warehouses will be calculated separately.

2) For orders shipped from SZ-Warehouse, the total weight exceeds 2KG. The maximum weight of each package is 2KG. The registration fee is charged according to the number of packages, and one more package is one more registration fee.

Logistics Tracking

All our packages have tracking numbers, you can check the logistics status by tracking numbers.

The tracking number of your order will be sent to your email. Of course, you can also find the tracking number in the order information of your account.

Tips: If the goods are sent from the SZ-Warehouse, the first logistics tracking information is from the China Post Office, and the second is from the post office in your country. The time difference between the two information is about 1 week.

Order Processing

All the listing from EU-Warehouse are in stock, and they will be shipped within 48 hours after the order is placed. If some one product is oversold, we will issue a refund for it.

Most of the listing from SZ-Warehouse are in stock and will be shipped within 48 hours after the order is placed. If some one product is oversold, we will try to purchase it, and if it is not available or it takes too long to purchase, we will issue a refund for it.

Note, Products marked with "Pre-Order" mean that they are currently out of stock and will take 1-2 weeks to ship.

CigBest operates in China Time, GMT+8.

Return Guarantee

You may return undamaged items to us postmarked within 45 calendar days of delivery. If the return is not a result of our error, customers will be required to cover shipping cost both ways. Please make sure the item is returned in the original condition, with the original packaging and accessories.

Any Questions or Problems

If you have any questions or problems, please be free to contact us at sales@cigbest.com