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About Us


CigBest is committed to selling high-quality electronic cgr products at the lowest price, delivering products to customers as quickly as possible, and serving every customer sincerely and patiently. We know that the e-cgr business is an old customer business, and your satisfaction is the only value of our existence. We are willing to listen to every customer's feedback, carry forward our advantages, improve our shortcomings, treat each other frankly, and strive to create a good, fair and trustworthy shopping environment.


CigBest is headquartered in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area of ​​China, where there are many excellent electronic cgr design companies and manufacturing factories, and many well-known electronic cgr brands, such as SMOK, GEEK VAPE, VOOPOO, VAPORESSO, UWELL, etc. are all from here. The factory of the world brand JUUL is also set up here. They are all our partners and have maintained a long-term good cooperative relationship with us. Not only that, we often discuss the technological innovation and new trends of electronic cgrs with their designers and technical experts, so that we can get the latest information of the electronic cgr industry in time. Because the companies are so close together, we often visit our suppliers and get to know each generation and design of their products so that we can better grasp the features and characteristics of new products. There is an old Chinese saying - A Waterfront Pavilion Gets The Moonlight First, The Flowers And Trees On The Sunny Side Meet Spring Earlier.


CigBest's products come directly from brand owners or their first-tier agents, and we ensure that all our sources are qualified and authentic. Every product on our list is carefully selected for our customers. They are either the season's Internet celebrity hits, the time-tested kings, or super-low-cost good products. We hope to save time for our customers and try our best to let our customers buy good products at the lowest price to thank them for their trust in us.


Shipping speed is an important indicator of the shopping experience. CigBest has made a lot of efforts to shorten the delivery time:
1. Set up local warehouses in our main target customer areas. At present, the EU warehouse has been put into use, and customers in Europe can receive the goods within 3-5 days when they purchase products with EU- Marked. Next, we will open more local warehouses according to market demand.
2. Choose the fastest international logistics company for our global distribution. For European and American markets, even if the products are shipped from our headquarters in Shenzhen, most customers can receive our products in about 7-12 days.
3. Advance purchases. We have a very advanced sales forecasting system to predict future sales trends, and arrange for early replenishment of products that may be out of stock, so as to ensure that our customer orders can be shipped within 24 hours to the greatest extent.


Our team, whether responsible for marketing, product procurement, delivery, or technology, has more than 10 years of experience in e-commerce. We will do every step and detail carefully, listen carefully to customers' opinions, respect customers' choices, take every request of customers seriously, communicate frankly, and strive to make every customer satisfied.


In 2008, TinyDeal.com was established to sell products globally. At that time, some of our colleagues were already there. But at that time, e-cgrs were not very popular and not our main product.
In 2014, more and more customers purchased electronic cgrs on our website. In order to facilitate customers' search and purchase, and facilitate promotion, CigaBuy.com was established. CigaBuy is a vertical website specializing in the sale of electronic cgr products. It is deeply loved by electronic cgr consumers. Since its opening, about 300,000 customers have visited our website, and more than 100,000 users have purchased products on our website.
When the time comes to 2022, CigaBuy is indeed a bit old, unable to keep up with the times, and urgently needs a technical upgrade. To this end, we have launched CigBest.com, we hope to continue to serve our old customers well, and hope that more new customers will choose us and join us!